Art Hall AD 2015
A Database Documentary
Vabaduse Gallery, Tallinn 30.04-19.05.2015
I asked the studio artists in the Tallinn Art Hall a series of standard questions: about the Art Hall as a creative hub, regular workday in a studio and I also asked them for memorable story associated with Art Hall or its studio.


The outcome is an installation or several screens where the viewer can make a selection of which to play. My subject of interest is opinions of art, life itself and what it means to work in the Tallinn Art Hall. This exhibition is homage to the building and its inhabitants.


In addition I asked the participations to donate an object, albeit something insignificant, that the user has a special connection to. This collection of items I used as a supplementary subject for my research. Tallinn Art Hall carries a mythical meaning in Estonian art history, it is a sacred place where famous art pieces have been born and great exhibitions have been held. It is often thought of clichés that Art Hall is a place where creative passion is burning. But for some it is associated with creative failure, and is a witness for loss of hope and direction. Similar to every building Tallinn Art Hall has its inner life created by its contributors.


Programming: James Connor
Camera and editing: Raivo Kelomees