News, 1996
Video, 3:01

Original title: "Uudised"


Actors: Sven Soiver, Katrin Toome

Camera: Andres Suurevälja

Editing: Ain Post, Alari Zupping

Joint project of Soros Center for Contemporary Arts and TV channel "Kanal 2"

Undertaking for the Screen/action on the air:

Friday, September 27, 21.35

Saturday, September 28, 21.25

Sunday, September 29, 21.00


Initial concept:
Poetic texts are created on the basis of daily news - poems, rhymed banalities. The news reflects economic, political and cultural events taking place in Estonia. The vehicle for estrangement is the fact that what is presented does not rhyme.
It is read out loud by actors, preferably a woman and man simultaneously in the frame. They have been previously instructed.
The process is perfected and staged. The result will be presented by Kanal 2 on three separate days immediately prior to the official news.
The total length is one and a half to two minutes.

The News
— Male Voice (henceforth MV): The Republic of Estonia proceeds as a democratic state. Democratic rights and freedoms are guaranteed for all citizens.
— Female Voice (henceforth FV); Any sort of attempt to overthrow the lawful government will he bloodily suppressed if necessary. Compromise is out of the question when the integrity of the state is concerned.
— MV: The morale of the Estonian Defense Force servicemen is high. The larger towns of Eastern Virumaa are completely under the control of the government. Rumors of a failed attempted rebellion are irre­sponsible exaggerations.
— FV: Citizens are permitted to move about freely at night in Tallinn. The introduction of a curfew is not considered necessary
— FV: Some citizens who have lost their sense of propriety have begun to use donor blood as food. The consumption of blood sausages and puddings prepared from human blood is a serious problem.
— MV: On the one hand, the culinary use of donor blood undermines the medical situation since there is already a chronic shortage of blood and plasma. On the other hand, the consumption of human blood if comparable to an act of cannibalism.
— FV: Tourists have also allegedly been served meals containing human blood, thus damaging the international reputation of the Republic of Estonia. It is not, however, possible for the police to intervene since the consumers of blood are not breaking any laws.
— MV: The police took man of letters Sven Kivisildnik into custody one hour ago. Kivisildnik was apprehended together with two accomplices from Tartu as they were urinating into tilemiste Lake.
— FV: Kivisildnik characterizes his action as a performance. The concept of the performance is alleged to be that the city population, which is satisfied with the existing city government, must also be content with drinking urine.
— MV: This kind of performance art is unjust since there are a few isolated people who live in Tallinn and are not satisfied with the city government. The opponents of the city government must have the opportuni­ty to drink clean water.

Note: This is a repeat of an analogous undertaking carried out three years ago. It miscarried at that time due to the refusal and opposition of the leadership of Estonian Television (ETV).