Words, 1994
Video, 5:45

Original title: "Sõnad"

Concept: Raivo Kelomees

Camera: Raivo Lugima, Andres Kull

Editing: Priit Pärg

Mucis and animation: Renee Kelomees

Production: Soros Center for Contemporary Arts

This video is dedicated to Garry Viira, who commited suicide on February 14, 1994 and was 26 years old. In this video we don't explain, give reasons or justify. The video is of suicide, although not of anybody's in particular. The theme might be described as alienation, a gap, an impossibility to find contact with the present and the coldness of the present to those who seem strangers.


"A man reads a letter. Is it a suicide letter? Is this the suicided who reads it presently before us? What is the delicate division between life and death and what role does video play in consecrating our existence?"

(Valérie Lamontagne in catalogue: Deuxiēme Manifestation Internationale Vidéo at Art Électronique, Montréal, Champ Libre, 1995, p. 49.)