Paris en trois mots, 1995
Video, 7:08

"Paris en trois mots" / "Paris in three words"


Concept and camera: Raivo Kelomees
Editing: Benoit Ulrich
Co-production: Medias et Medias & Grand Canal, France
Project "Journal de Voyage" curated by Pascal-Emmanuel Gallet

I was asking people in Paris to describe this city with three words. My words: "I don't know." Filming in Paris I was avoiding turistic look of the city as much as possible. Video is framed by splitted horizonal pan filmed in Place Dauphine, my favorite place in Paris and called "le sexe de Paris" by surrealists.


Heure Equise, Summary :
Place Dauphine, the image is split in two ; a slow merry-go-round of busts, with evasive or final words, is launched, like a naked self-portrait. When the image becomes one again, the merry-go-round stops.