Documentary (in production)

Original working title: "Luulur ja kaks Ilmarit"

Working title: Luulur and Two Ilmars
Documentary, lenght 30 min.
Script: Raivo Kelomees, Jaan Malin
Camera: Raivo Kelomees and others
Director: Raivo Kelomees
Country: Estonia


Goal of the film is to show unique practice of sound poetry and person who is dedicated to this activity -- Luulur. Documentary reveals deep interconnection between poets and artists of Estonia (and Sweden) and their influences to contemporary art.

Brief summary/Synopsis
The documentary is dedicated to poet Jaan Malin aka Luulur. His performer name is derivation from Estonian word "luule" (poetry). He is performing specific text-sound poetry where words are becoming music and sound is turned to words. Malin's work is influenced by the Estonian poet, essayist and culture-critic Ilmar Laaban (1921-2000) who was the first Estonian author of surrealist poetry. Laaban lived since 1943 in Stockholm, Sweden. Another important person in Jaan Malin life was Ilmar Malin (1924-1994), his father, Estonian surrealist painter. Ilmar Malin visited Ilmar Laaban in Sweden since 1960ties. Later, in beginning of 1990ties Laaban traveled frequently back to Estonia and became popular lecturer and poetry performer.

Jaan Malin wrote 4 poetry books and in last years he became unique poetry performer, winning several poetry slams and gathering reputation internationally.

Documentary is dedicated to his personal development, contemporary activity and his relationship with most important Estonian surrealist artists - two Ilmars.