“The East”
Database documentary
Project started 2012

Democratic cinema!
Every presentation is a premiere!


The film shows the contrasts of Estonia: the industrial landscape of North-East Estonia, picturesque nature, grim and beautiful indtustrial landscapes and the stories of the people living there.


Our artistic vision has been to emphasise the visual point of view and to add critical commentaries. Our main interest lies in the experimental and innovative format, which allows us to show hidden and unexplored areas of the topic.


The characters and locations portrayed in the film are real. We see people whose lives are shaped by their work in the energy and oil shale companies, and whose families are of mixed nationalities. We see the reality of people's lives and understand their everyday routine.


From the point of view of form, the film has two variations: linear and interactive. The interactive format has four versions: cinematic, installative, DVD-version and web-version. There have also been experiments with a multiuser cinematic version, but for this exhibition we are presenting an installation designed for a single user.


The audience can influence the duration of the film. There are four topics to explore and to make choices: nature, industrial environment, machines, and people. The aesthetics of the film are built on the multiscreen principle which allows choices to be made between the active narrative and the narrative in waiting.

(Text written for exhibition in Estonian Parliament, january 2015.)



Raivo Kelomees, Hille Karm –  project authors
Hans Gunter Lock – programming
Igor Ruus – camera
Chris Hales – consultation
Kaileen Mägi – interviews
Meelis Salujärv – music
Supporters: EAS, Estonian Academy of Arts, Tartu Art College, Estonian Cultural Endowment, IVEK, Allfilm, Froid, Faun Studios, Eesti Kroonikafilm, Tallinn Creative Hub Makerlab


See videos below:

Eesti power plant in Auvere, location for filming:

First interface prototype 2012 (TTÜ Robotiklubi):

Kilian Ochs & Leho Reiska prototype proposal (2015):

"The East" I part (linear version) as presented at exhibition in Estonian Parliament. January 2015:

Excerpt from "The East":

Interface proposal for Estonian Mining Museum (2016):
Interface proposal for Estonian Mining Museum (2016):
Interface proposal for Estonian Mining Museum (2016):