Triple Talks, 2010
Interactive installation, DVD-s, online archive
Original title: "Kolmkõned"

Contemporary art is thought to be the reflection of today's world.  When you do not like what you see you tend to blame the mirror. The problematic aspect of contemporary art is widely known – namely, issues about its deficiencies, misunderstandings, questionability in general. Something seems to be wrong. However, there are cases where the receiver, the creator, art environment or the tools can be blamed.

The short talks of this exhibition serve as a mini-conference where the experts and art aficionados answer the simpliest question „What is the problem of contemporary art?“ with the emphasis on finding out the inconsistency. At the same time it is presumed that everybody agrees on the well-groundedness of the question posed. There are disagreements though. Given statements are presented on the screens in threes. In addition, two solutions to the problem are expected. Viewers can pick solutions, either by somebody else or by the expert. Coincidences are guaranteed by the computer software.


With the question „What is the problem of contemporary art?“ I aimed at positioning to the beginning of the discussion, before art comes. Answers serve as the subject of art, as the raw material for the exhibition that the viewers are manipulating with. The traditional relation between the object and the subject and the artist and the art expert has been reversed. Experts' statements are used for creating the current exhibition and these are also used by the viewers for further games. This is all carried by simple curiosity – how to answer the main question of contemporary art, as it is too easy to formulate.


DVD-s in form of installation were presented as exhibition in Hobusepea gallery, in Tallinn, February 2010.

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Videos on DVD are in Estonian language with English subtitles.

See selected videos below:

Triple Talks/Kolmkõned, exhibition view

Triple Talks/Kolmkõned, Maarin and Andri English text