Pärnu Monologues, 2013
Interactive documentary
Pärnu City Gallery, "The Truth Is..." 10.04 – 04.05. 2013

Original title: "Pärnu monoloogid"


Content of the project are interviews with artists who are working or have been working in Pärnu. Most of them were part of the art group Nongrata. Videos are compiled to DVD and were made available to audience in gallery. The project was first time shown in context of the exhibition in Pärnu City Gallery "The Truth is..." with Margit Lõhmus.

Three questions were asked:

1. Your experience in art life of Pärnu?

2. Your experience with Nongrata?

3. About art life in small place/Pärnu in general, without personal connection?


New version based on Raspberry Pi (2015):
Stills from exhibition "The Truth is..." (with Margit Lõhmus):