House, 1997
Video, 6:47

Original title: "Maja"

Realisation: Raivo Kelomees
Year of Production: 1997
Duration: 6:47
Camera: Raivo Kelomees
Sound: Renee Kelomees
Actor: Herman Kelomees
Editing: Alari Heinla, Joosti Ltd.

Supported by Cultural Endowment of Estonia


Silver Award at 20th Tokyo Video Festival, 1998.


I asked my son to draw a house on to the snow. He walked around, signified doors and windows with footsteps. I asked him to do the same in summer. He ran in the water. Image of the house was printed with his footsteps - onto snow and into water. I tried to imitate childish gestures and draw by foot onto paper with coal. I walked in circle and forth-and-back. It was part of my video installation.
There are associations about the word "house": cold-warm, winter-summer, black-white, hand-foot, soft (clouds and snow) - hard (ice and iron ship on water).