Diastories, 2009
Interactive installation
Installation view
Table of questions and answers
Combinations of characters
Programme interface


Original title: „Dialood. Uurimus vääritimõistmisest“

„Diastories. Analysis about misunderstanding”


Questions are answered in random order.

1. Why aren’t you looking into my eyes? Don´t accuse me.
2. Can´t you fix those things yourself? It’s your responsibility
3. Can you do something for me? How can I, after everything that’s happened between us?
4. Why are you as you are? Appreciate what you have.
5. Why do you think that I don´t understand you? Reality should be accepted as it is, even if it seems unbelievable.
6. Should I have regrets? That which has happened, is reality.
7. What would happen if I start to rub your plusses and minuses under your nose? I liked you because you were capable of  miracles.
8. Are you sure that you can offer something to others? You had many plusses and minuses.
9. Did you understand what really happened? I didn´t trust you, but I didn´t know what was really happening.
10. Can you think of the future? Every day was like a gift to me.
11. What did you think? I assumed that you’d ask that.
12. Can you be less greedy? I wanted to live as a normal person, that’s why I wanted everything.
13. Do you understand me? Think about more important things.
14. Is is true that if I get something I should give something in return? If something went wrong, it doesn´t mean that it couldn’t get worse.
15. Do you think that something will remain after us? Nothing is sure and certain.
16. Did I have any opportunity to hold you back? I couldn´t find the strength to hold myself back.
17. Can you look at that from my point of view? Look at it from a different angle.
18. Do you have any regrets? I don´t regret anything.
19. Can you lead your life more? I’m not myself, I’m partly a machine that I cannot control.
20. Did I have a good influence on you? You infuriated me sometimes.
21. Can we spend more time together? I want to get rid of you and forget.
22. Understand that all good things come to an end. It´s time to understand that after the party comes the hangover.
23. Can you be more honest? I would like to be honest with you.
24. Where should I invite you? I can follow you anywhere, but you should ask me.
25. What should I want? You should want that and show it.
26. Do you think that I did not understand you? I think that you didn´t understand me.
27. Are you cursed? I am cursed.
28. How do you feel? I feel deceived. I expected more.