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Easy-ROM “”
Installation version

(“Easy”, because the material on the disk is under 100 MB.) 

  • Program “” works in PC and Mac environment.
  • To watch the videos on CD-ROM you must have Quicktime 3 installed. It is added to disk.
  • To watch the CD-ROM it is recommended to use:

PC Pentium computers with parameters: 150-200 MHZ, 32 MB RAM and a sound card. Monitor of course coloured, 256 or more colours.

Using Macintosh- type computers it is not recommended under PowerMac 7250/120, 32 RAM. The disk has been tested on them. It works, but not as fast as wished even from the hard drive.

CD-ROM is a home-made product by the author himself. If you come to any kind of problems, please turn to the author in the following address :

Raivo Kelomees

E-Media Center
Estonian Academy of Arts
Tartu Str. 1.
10145, Tallinn